Hair Care Tips for Beautiful, Healthy & Shiny Hair

Hair Care Tips for Beautiful & Healthy Hair
A to Z for Hair Care Tips
How to Make Hair Shining?
How to Have Healthy & Beautiful Hair?
How to Have Long and Healthy Hairs?
How to Make Hair Grow Naturally?
How to Make my Hair Healthy and Beautiful?
How to Get Shining and Lustrous Hairs?
How to Get Rid of Dandruff Forever?
How to Reduce Hair Fall and Increase Hair Growth?
How to Take Care of My Hair to Make Them Beautiful & Healthy?

I hope you would get answers of all the above questions after reading this article on hair care tips. Having healthy, beautiful, shining, dandruff free and lustrous hair is dream of almost every woman. But not all women are blessed with beautiful and healthy hair. Some women manage to get such beautiful hairs but some are not able to have such type of lovely hairs. There are certain factors which play important role in having healthy hair which I am going to discuss below one by one, and I hope you would like them.

How to Reduce Hair Fall, Hair Loss, Hair Damage and Increase Hair Growth?

Hair loss occurs due to several reasons. The main cause is aging. As one gets older, it is the structure of the hair which changes. It becomes weaker, thinner, and grey and eventually dies. Besides aging, other reasons could include: frequent colouring, chemical in commercial products, deficiencies in minerals and vitamins etc.

I would first like to tell you what can harm your hair before I share any hair tips for long & Healthy hair. Here are some of the harmful factors which you must be aware of:

Harmful Effects of Chemical Contained Products on Hair

Effects of Hair Colors on Your Hairs:

  • Permanent hair colouring stays in the hair until it grows out while semi-permanent coloring washes out over a period of time.
  • Permanent treatments can cause hair loss, irritation, redness and burning.
  • Semi-permanent hair coloring treatments like henna are easy to use and are safer than the permanent ones.
  • Before applying any form of colouring to your hair, be sure to test a small amount on your wrist first to see whether or not the chemical could irritate your skin.
  • And use good brand hair colors for your hair.

Effects of Hair Bleach on Your Hairs:

  • Hair bleach is used to lighten the color of your hair. Hair bleach is comprised of mixture of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and a toner.
  • Although bleaching your hair may give beautiful shades of colors to your hair but if you see it is harmful in the long term.
  • If bleach comes in contact with the scalp then it can damage the hair shaft and take away most of the hair moisture thus making hair very delicate and vulnerable to break.
  • If you still wish to bleach your hair then consult a good dermatologist and take precautions as prescribed.
  • Using hair straightener, hair drier, flat irons can damage and break such bleached hairs.
  • A good hair conditioner is very useful if you bleach your hair, it can reduce the harmful effects of the bleach.

Effects of Relaxers(Perm) on Your Hairs:

  • Relaxers or perms are used to give a particular hair styles and curles to make a woman look beautiful.
  • But most of the women do not know the adverse effects of the hair perming.
  • In perming heat and chemicals are applied to hairs when they are roled so that they remain in that very position and style even after the roles are removed from the hair.
  • Ammonium thioglycolate is the chemical which is used as hair relaxers for perming.
  • Such chemicals and heat applied to hair can change texture of your hair, make them hair weak, brittle, fragile, frizzy, and prone to break easily. For more details on effects of relaxers and perming on hairs click here.

Effects of Chlorinated Water on Hairs:

  • Chlorinated water is nothing but the water treated with chlorine.
  • Chlorine is added to water to kill bacteria and virus to make water drinkable.
  • In most of the cities water is treated with chlorine before supplying to every home.
  • But this very chlorine is also harmful for your hair if you use this water to wash your hair.

Other Factors Harmful for Hairs

Effects of Hair Dryer on Your Hairs:

  • Using hair dryer to dry your hair can also damage your lovely hairs.
  • Hair dryer evaporates all water and moisture from your hair leaving them dry which is harmful for your hair as this way they become weak, fragile and prone to breakages.
  • Thus it is advised not to use blow drier, instead let your hair dry naturally.

Effects of Dandruff on Your Hairs:

  • Dandruff is nothing but dead cells shedding off the head scalp.
  • Almost every person suffers from dandruff at some point of time.
  • Dandruff causes irritation and itching which makes us scratch our head again and again which in turn weaken our hairs near the root, thus making hair weak and fragile to break easily.
  • If little care is undertaken then one can get rid of dandruff easily and permanently.

Effects of Stress on Your Hairs:

  • Yes stress can be harmful for your hair and can make your hair grey fast, and can also lead to hair fall.
  • But for this the stress level should be very high which can cause lose of sleep and appetite. Not day to day low level & short term stress caused by small issues or work load can cause you this much of harm to your hair.
  • So try to be happy and live life with happiness as stress cannot make any situation better.
  • Adopt a positive thinking attitude and try to avoid stress always. There are ups and down in everybody’s life so do not lose hope if something wrong happens with you but keep moving and struggling having a hope that good time will come soon. Life is short and beautiful never waste it by worrying and taking stress. For more information effects of stress on hairs click here.

Effects of Aging on Your Hairs:

  • Aging is also a big reason for hair loss, less hair growth, and to get your hair grey, thinner, and lifeless.
  • This aging effect can’t be undone as it is biological, but you can slower these effects.
  • Also you can hide these effects by hair dyes and some particular hair style.
  • A good diet, positive and active lifestyle can also these aging effects slow.
  • There are many hair care products which can reduce your hair fall, slower greying and other aging effects on your hair up to a large extent.

Effects of Improper Diet on Your Hairs:

  • A good diet is as necessary for your hair as it is for rest of your body.
  • Your hair also needs a good diet and necessary nutrition like proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc.
  • Your hairs are made of protein and they need it for good health and proper growth. Thus protein is very important for your hair health so do not forget it to include in your diet.
  • A good dermatologist can also recommend you a particular diet after looking at health of your hair.
  • Thus for getting long, strong, healthy, beautiful and shiny hair a balanced diet is very necessary. For information visit here.

Effects of Pollution on Your Hairs:

  • Air pollution and dust is not only harmful for your body, skin but is also harmful for your hair health.
  • As there are lots harmful chemicals and allergens in the polluted air and dust which makes our hair dull, weak and prone to damage easily.
  • Even polluted water is also harmful for your hair. That is why washing your hair from filtered and clean water is beneficial.
  • Use a good shampoo, conditioner and hair oil to minimize the harms done by pollution.
  • Covering your hair while going outside is also very useful for your hair.

Effects of Weather on Hairs:

  • Exposing your hairs to sun, wind, pollution and rain can also damage your hair.
  • Exposing your hair in sun means you are exposing your hair to intense heat and ultra violet rays which both are very harmful for your hair as they affect the melanin in our hair. Long exposure in sun not only takes moisture out of your hair but also makes your hair dull, lifeless, and weak. Using an umbrella not only protect your hair but also your skin from the sun damage.
  • Cold weather is not as much harmful as summer, but still you should avoid too cold weather as it may make your hairs moisture less, dry, frizzy and unruly.
  • Exposing your hair to windy weather can make your hair create tangles and snags which can lead to hair breakages while combing them.
  • If you can then try to keep your hair covered by a cloth to avoid all harmful effects of all types of weather conditions.

Hare Care Tips for Long, Healthy and Lustrous Hairs

Apart from being cautious about the above listed harmful factors for hair, you should also be aware of other hair care tips which can make your hair healthy, strong, long and shiny. Below I am sharing such hair care tips.

Home Based Products to Make Your Hairs Healthy & Grow Fast:

Below are some home remedies that can help you preventing hair loss, dandruff, and irritation so that you can get healthy, long & shiny hair.

Benefits of Eggs for Your Hairs:

  • Eggs help you reduce hair loss and help in hair growth. Eggs also moisturize and maintain hair’s natural oil.
  • If you use egg in your hair regularly at least once a week then you can get long, strong, smooth, and shiny hair without any split ends.
  • Egg contains protein which aid in making hair follicles stronger thus giving your strong and beautiful hairs.
  • If your hairs are dull, lifeless and often gets tangled and knotted then egg is very good to repair such damage hair whiling giving a new life to your hair.
  • Apply two eggs after mixing thoroughly to your hair and leave for 15 minutes, then wash it with cold water. After some time you can wash your hair with shampoo.
  • The only drawback of using egg is that they stink when you apply to your hair. But bearing such stink is worth.
  • Use cold water only to wash egg paste from your hairs.

Benefits of Honey for Your Hairs:

  • Honey is also said to be very useful for hairs as it help to reduce hair fall, to increase hair growth, and to make hair shiny and healthy.
  • There are many recipes of honey which you can use for your hair to make them healthy, long, shiny and lustrous. For honey based recipes for your hair visit here.

Benefits of Almond Oil for Your Hairs:

  • Almond is very rich sources of B1, B2, B6, D, A and E which are very important for healthy, strong, lustrous, silky and long hairs. Apart from it almond oil can also protect your hairs form ultraviolet rays of sun.
  • Apart from these vitamins sweet almond oil also contain polyunsaturated, mono, omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids which are also beneficial for your hairs.
  • Almond oil is known for its nourishing, smoothening and conditioning your hair naturally.
  • Many hair oil manufacturing companies also add almond oil to their products.
  • For good results massage your hairs and scalp with almond oil for 15 minutes and then leave it for one hour or overnight and then wash them with shampoo.
  • Buy only 100% pure and organic almond oil which may be a little thicker than the adulterated almond oil.
  • The benefits of the almond oil for hairs are just amazing.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Your Hairs:

  • It is a wonderful natural product which can make your hair healthy, strong, shiny, long, and beautiful.
  • Olive oil is an amazing product for your hair; if you use it regularly then you may not need any other chemical based hair care products.
  • Olive oil also helps you get rid of dandruff from your hair.
  • If you use olive oil regularly i.e. once a week then you may not need to use conditioner separately, because olive oil also works as a natural conditioner for your hair.
  • After applying olive oil to your head scalp leave it for half an hour keeping your hair covered by a towel or other cloth. For more information on olive oil benefits for hair click here.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Your Hairs:

  • Coconut oil is also as beneficial for your hairs as almond oil.
  • It also nourishes, condition and moisturizes your hairs to make them strong, long, healthy, and shiny,
  • Apply warm coconut oil in your hair and scalp and leave it for overnight and then wash it with shampoo.
  • Coconut also aids in increasing hair growth rate.
  • It also help to keep lice away from your hairs as well as repairing the damages done to hairs by lice.
  • Thus both coconut oil and almond oil are very helpful for getting healthy, long and shiny hairs.

Home Based Remedies for Hair Care

Benefits of Henna(Mehndi) for Hair:

  • Henna(also called as Mehndi in India) is a paste prepared with a flowering plant of henna or mehndi. Henna is very useful for hairs and has lots of advantages, that is why majority of women loves use henna in their hairs. Following are some of the advantages of henna(mehndi):
  • As henna is natural so it has not adverse effect on your hairs.
  • If your hairs have started whitening then you can also use henna to color your hairs instead of artificial colors made from harmful chemicals.
  • Using henna or mehndi in your hair not only make your hair silky, shiny, smooth, strong, but also reduce hair fall.
  • If you mix egg or curd with henna before applying to your hair then it help prevent dandruff in your hair.

Other Home Based Hair Care Tips:

  • Boil Amla, Reetha and Shikakai in water, after filtering use this water to wash your hair. It will help make your hair healthy, long, dense, strong, silky and shiny.
  • Applying curd in your hair also help make your hair dandruff free.
  • Applying egg in your hairs for 20 minutes make your hair amazingly shiny. Egg contain vitamin A, B, D & E which are very good for our hair.

Other Important Tips for Hair Care:

  • Avoid doing experiments with your hair.
  • Have a balanced diet consisting milk, curd, salad, fruits, cereals, sprouts and green vegetables.
  • Do not use hair dryer to dry your hair, and let them dry naturally.
  • It is always best to wash your hair with herbal shampoo.
  • If possible then use properly filtered and purified water to wash your hair, because impurities in the water can be harmful for your hairs.
  • Take proper sleep & avoid taking too much stress.
  • Covering your hairs with a cloth when you are outside protects your hair from bad effects of sun, dust, wind and pollution thus making them healthy and shiny.
  • Use aloe-vera based gel instead of other gel to style your hair.
  • Using herbal shampoo is always best for your hair instead of other chemical based shampoos.

Home Based Masks to Make Your Hair Healthy & Beautiful Naturally:

There are certain kinds of hair masks which can help you get your hairs strong, long, shiny, and smooth. Such hair masks are made from different kinds of natural products like olive oil, henna, honey, aloe-vera gel, egg, and other kinds of products and oils. For some hair masks for your hair care you can visit here.

I hope you may have found this article useful, and will help you get strong, long, beautiful, and shiny hairs.  Next time I will come with another article. You can also visit me on G+.

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Today all fashion conscious women are always looking for a perfect pair of jeans which not only flatter her assets but hide their body flaws if any. Jeans is not only a comfortable wear but it also gives wearer a modern, beautiful and sexy look. There would be hardly any women who would not like jeans. It is said that jeans can be found in the wardrobe of every women not only in developed countries but in developing countries as well. There are lots of advantages of jeans like:
  • Jeans are very easy to wear and take no time.
  • Jeans are not very costly as the other women dresses.
  • Jeans is a very comfortable unlike many other women dresses. Women can easily walk and run while wearing jeans.
  • Jeans give modern, tall, slim, sexy, beautiful and smart look to every woman who wears it.

There different types of jeans available for different body types of women. Thus almost every woman can look good in jeans if she choose right jeans according to her body type. But there are certain features which should be kept in mind while choosing jeans, so that you choose right jeans which can make you look slim, sexy and smart. Thus it is very important to buy such jeans that suits your personality and flatters your body. There are certain points which play an important role in choosing right jeans according to your body type:

Choosing Jeans According to Color of Jeans

  • If your thighs and hips are heavy then I will advise you to go for dark color jeans only, as they will make your legs appear slim and tall while diverting attention away from your heavier bottom half.
  • While light color jeans highlight and bring attention to their heavy thighs and hips.
  • Women with athletic body shape can choose any kind of color in jeans.
  • Women who are skinny and very thin should choose light color jeans as it will make their lower half appear a little muscular.

Choosing Jeans According to Body Type of a Woman

Jeans For Apple Shape Body

  • As these women have a bigger tummy and smaller bottom, so to balance it and to hide their tummy they should go for boot cut jeans, wide leg jeans and flares jeans.
  • They should avoid skinny jeans or very tight fitting jeans as they will draw attention to their upper heavier half.
  • As you have short bottom so to add volume to it they should look for pockets, flaps and other embellishments work on the back side so that your rear look heavier, curvy and balance with the upper half.
  • Light color jeans will better for you as they will add volume to your legs, thighs and butts thus balancing lower half with the upper half.
  • Do not go for dark color jeans which otherwise make your lower half thinner and will draw attention to your heavier upper half i.e your big tummy.

Jeans For Pear Shape Body

  • These are the women with heavy weight on hips, butt and thighs with a curvy bottom.
  • Pear shape body women can choose boot cut jeans or straight leg jeans.
  • These jeans will elongate the leg line and overall height thus drawing attention away from thigh, hip and butt area.
  • Heels with these jeans will also add advantage specially if you are short height.
  • You should avoid pockets with flaps which otherwise would draw attention to their larger half i.e. their heavy hips.

Jeans For Athletic Body

  • These are the women who can wear any kind of jeans, with any kind of work, with any color.
  • They can choose any kind of jeans in any color.
  • But if your thighs, hips and legs are thinner then try jeans with light colors, pockets, flaps and other embellishments, this will make your thighs and hips round and fuller.

Jeans For Hourglass Body

  • Hourglass shape has same measurements on hips and bust with small waist.
  • Women with hourglass shape body should go for dark color flare jeans(bell bottom jeans) or wide leg jeans, as they will balance their body shape and will enhance their beautiful curves.
  • If you are short height and hourglass shape then also wear high heels with jeans.
  • Also ensure that you buy stretchable jeans or contoured waist jeans so that you do not have any gap in your waist line.
  • Avoid pockets with flaps and other embellishments which otherwise would add volume to the hips area thus drawing attention to this area.
  • Choose dark color to make your leg line slim.

Choosing Jeans According to Jeans Types

Skinny Jeans – These jeans made from stretchable fabric which fit closely so that it sticks with your legs thus showing true shape and curves of your legs, thighs and hips. If your hips and thighs are heavy then avoid these skinny jeans as it will highlight this area.

Other Important Tips to Consider While Buying Jeans

  • Short height cum plus size women should try dark color skinny jeans with high heels or high boots. This will make their leg line look long, thus giving a slimmer and sexy look.
  • Plus size women can also try skinny leggings made of very light fabric.
  • Women with slim and skinny body can also go for pockets and other embellishment works on the jeans.

I hope you may have found this article useful and found some useful information regarding jeans. So go on and buy a perfect pair of jeans which flaunt your true assets and personality. To be in touch with me you can visit me at Google+.

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No doubt a sari is one of the most beautiful women wear not only in India but in rest of the world as well. There are many advantages of a saree which most of the Indian women are aware of. A saree can hide your body flaws, can increase your beauty manifold, and make you look slim and tall. If certain things are kept in mind then a plus size or overweight women can also look slim in a saree. Following are the things which can play big role to make you slim:

Fabric of Saree:

  • Plus size women should always choose saree made from light weight fabric which stick to body closely.
  • Georgette, chiffon, crepe are some of the light weight sarees which stick to your body and help you make look slim.
  • Short and plus size women should avoid some particular sarees such as silk sarees, kanjivaram sarees, cotton sarees, tissue sarees as they do not stick to the body shape, but instead they add volume to your overall look. These types of sarees are good for tall and slim women.
  • You can also go for sarees with light cotton and light slim.

Border of Saree:

  • Border of the saree also plays an important role in your overall appearance.
  • Short women should not choose sarees with broad border.
  • Narrow border or saree without border is best for short and plus size women, as these types of sarees will make them look slim and tall.

Saree Draping Style:

  • Apart from fabric, color, print or border of the saree, draping style also matters to make you look slim.
  • You should drap your saree neatly without making it become loose anywhere.
  • Opt for less not of pleats while draping saree, as more number of pleats add volume to your appearance.
  • Hide your body flaws by saree, for example if there is fat around your waste and belly, then hide these areas by the saree.

Colour of Saree:

  • Colour of a dress is also as important as the fabric and design. Similarly saree colour is also important in determining personality of a woman.
  • Dark color saree gives slim look as they hide body flaws while highlighting the face.
  • While light color sarees highlights all your body parts and do not hide the body flaws, thus making you appear fat and heavy.

Prints of Saree:

  • Women with plus size should avoid big and large prints as they give heavy look.
  • Instead of the large prints, small prints or motifs are best.
  • Small leafs and flower prints work well to give you slimmer look.

I hope you must have found this article useful. I always try hard to write best article with best possible tips so that it can help visitors to find information what they are looking for. You can also visit me at Google+.

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